A Brand Worth Living

Corky Carroll Licensing is a licensing company created to embrace the love for surfing. Corky Carroll has followed his dream to this day of living life to its fullest and riding as many waves as he can. Our goal is to introducing the world to the Corky Carroll lifestyle. CCL has the ability to develop more than 400 possible lines of goods and services that we will market and license to vendors, retailers and manufacturers around the globe.

Inspired and Confident

CCL is committed to keeping the 21st century “Corky” “inspired and confident” in all forms of representation. He will find sincerity through spirit, passion through purity, and happiness through honesty. He will believe in following his dreams and enjoying the ride along the way.

Our goal is to embrace the history of surfing. Go back to a time when life was simple and surfing was all about the next wave and great times with friends. That’s what Corky Carroll is all about. Lets all live a legendary life.

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